Coastal Property: Motuhaku Island, Great Barrier Island.
This job gave us an oportunity to take on one of the most challenging jobs we have had to date. The roof was to be built on a private lodge on an island just of Port Fitzroy on Great Barrier Island. The roofing was going to take alot of planning to get to site and even more Team work between the builders and us to install.
The job went smoothly and the owners are very pleased with the finished product and have now enjoyed spending time fishing and chilling out with the great views!

 Rural Property: Kawakawa Bay.
The owners of this property wanted a durable roof material that could handle the changing elements of the rural/coastal region, as well as being able to get on the roof to clean out the gutters regularly as the roof was collecting drinking water and there were alot of Pine trees spread out over the property dropping needles into the gutters.
They decided on Colorsteel Endura .55 Gauge Corrugate in the color Greyfriars.

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